by Rob D'Eon
July 2018
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Trekking in the Baliem Valley: Trip summary

A very detailed route/trip description is provided in the “What we did” section. This is just a quick encapsulation of what our trip was about, so that you can gauge whether or not you are interested in reading the rest of this.

We did a 6-day/5-night , unguided, village-to-village, backpacking trip within the Baliem Valley, south of Wamena, along the Baliem and Mugi Rivers. We hiked along established (although unsigned/unmarked) local trails for about 6 hours a day, and overnighted in local dwellings in villages along the way. We were virtually self-sufficient for food and gear, and carried everything in our backpacks – although we did not have a tent or stove. Hot water and some food (sweet potatoes) were provided by the people we stayed with (more on that in the “food section”).

We flew in/out of the town of Wamena, and used a homestay in Wamena as a base to store luggage during our trek (which is detailed in the “Wamena” section). From Wamena, we easily arranged a drive to the start of the trek (and then back again, upon returning to the pavement).

OK, that’s pretty much what we did. If that interests you, then read on.

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