by Rob D'Eon
July 2018
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Trekking in the Baliem Valley: About us

The following description about us is not provided to satisfy some narcissistic craving, but rather to provide you, the reader, with a profile of what we are about and where this information is coming from. So when I say, “this is a long day”, it might mean something. If you are like us, great!, it all applies. If not, well, gauge for yourself if you would hike more or less each day J

We are a Canadian couple. Me (Rob): male, 53 yrs. My wife (Amy): female, 41 yrs. Until 2 years ago, we both spent most of our lives in Canada, and many years living and playing in the mountains of British Columbia. Two years ago we moved to Bogor (just outside Jakarta), Indonesia to live and work. We are relatively fit and active, and have spent a lot of time in Canada, and now in Indonesia, climbing up and down mountains. We have travelled extensively in developing countries, and are not afraid of a little adventure and unknown. We have good gear, take recreational pursuits seriously, and like physically demanding trips (like, for example, hiking in the Baliem Valley J).

Importantly, we have a deep-seated hatred for guided, organized trips, especially the kind that occurs in Indonesia – hence the references to planning and doing an “unguided trip”. This is all about sharing info so we can do it ourselves.

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