by Rob D'Eon
July 2018
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Trekking in the Baliem Valley: The Map

If you are like me, you are looking desperately for a nice glossy map entitled “Trekking Routes in the Baliem Valley”. Surely there’s a map of the trails and villages, right? Nope. Not that I know of. There are various things on the internet ranging from hand-drawn to inaccurate, and, apparently something sketchy available at an internet café in Wamena (it was closed when we went) – but nothing in terms of an accurate, to-scale, map. Shocking, but true.

So, in the interest of sharing, here is a useable, to-scale map of our route. The red line is our route, and what we encountered.  Obviously, there are more trails and villages than what is shown on this map. So don’t send me hate mail telling me I missed a village or trail or something like that J Long story short: if you want to do the route we did, or part of it, this map will get you there and back.

Note: if you are a GPS-savvy person, and want the track file (gpx/kml) shoot me an email, I’ll send it to you. If you want a higher resolution image, also feel free to contact me.

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